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MAY 27, 2020 • 1 MIN READ

Anděl Dental Center complex dental care

[website] [map] phone: +420 257 313 704
24, Vltavská 548 • Praha-5 • CZ
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My girlfriend and I have visited the Andel Dental Center a number of times, and have finally decided to seek dental care elsewhere.

Modern dentistry doesn't have to be painful, but unfortunately our experiences here have been. I'm not sure exactly what the problem is, but the local anesthesia used in two of our visits wasn't working properly and it resulted in incredible pain.

The prices for the service are comparable to other dentists and what you would normally expect. Not cheap, but not too expensive either.

Staff was always friendly and professional. Location was convenient for us.

Good points aside, nobody likes to go to the dentist and nobody likes pain. We finally decided to change when the dentist blamed us for the pain saying we must be, "overly sensitive" to it.

I've written a much longer post about our experiences here.

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