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Revisiting Stromovka

MAY 30, 2020 • 1 MIN READ

This past winter was the last time I was in Stromovka. I remember thinking how bleak it was. Cold, grey days in Prague have a way of making everything seem bleak. So why should I be surprised?

So today we decided Stromovka was the place for a walk.

"Strom" in Czech translates to "tree" in English, so Stromovka is somethings like the place of trees. Like most things in Prague Stromovka has a long history. The park is also known as "Královská obora" or the Roal Game Reserve because this was the original purpose in the 13th century. You can read about the history here. Also, here is a nice writeup from Prague.edu.

Regardless of the history, and my prior, somewhat negative impressions, the park was at its best today.

Stromovka is one of the most beautiful, well-kept public parks I've visited.

The mature trees here are impressive, the landscape is well designed and maintained. The birds are abundant. It's a truly refreshing place to go.

I'll add it to my "must see" list for visitors. It would be a great place for a picnic or a walk after lunch. If you are coming to Prague for the first time, and you are here during warm weather, go experience Stromovka. I think you will enjoy it.

The only negative today was our trip was cut short because my girlfriend began experiencing pain from her recent tooth extraction. Prague's medieval dentist who we now call "Dr. Pain" continues to impact our lives.

And a few pictures from today's stroll in Stromovka:

Stromovka park in Prague
A wooden bridge and relaxing creek runs through Stromovka.
Stromovka park in Prague
Water features, beautiful landscaping and trees throughout Stromovka.
Stromovka park in Prague
Reach an island by using a unique movable dock.
Stromovka park in Prague
Plants in full bloom welcome visitors.

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