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The CoronaTwelve Project

JUN 11, 2020 • 3 MIN READ

I'm a generally active person, so sitting around the house in quarantine for roughly three months made for quite an impressive waistline.

I'm envious of those who were able to motivate themselves to workout during the crisis. My activity was primarily walking back and forth from the kitchen to the living room, and that seemed like a huge effort.

After three months, my clothes don't fit right. I've grown a muffin top and getting a bread and beer belly. It's not a pretty sight. I gained around 12kg (26 lbs) in twelve weeks. That's around 1kg (2 lbs) per week. It just sort of sneaks up on you, then whammy! I can get my pants on, but have to suck it up, and putting my shoes on became just a little more difficult.

I'm not happy about this unwanted, yet expected weight gain and have decided it's time to act. I've got to do something before this situation gets any worse. It's good timing because the weather is beginning to warm here in Prague and the outdoor 50m pool is now open at Podoli. God help those who have to see me in a Speedo right now.

So this is the plan: Since Podoli is just about exactly 5km from our house, I will walk there and back. That's 10k round trip. I'll swim a little. I'll tell myself it's just to get a tan, but I'm a former competitive swimmer, so that will last for about 5 minutes until I'm racing the old lady in lane 3. At first I'll try to get in 1,000 meters per session and gradually increase it as well as the intensity. I prefer higher quality and shorter distances, but I'll need to drop some weight first and get my shoulders ready to prevent any undue injuries. So at first walking will be a brisk walk. I'll go somewhere between a stroll and speed-walking. Let's say brisk walking with a purpose. This typically get's my heart rate up to around 120 and I'll break a light sweat. Perfect exercise for aerobic 1.

Swimming will be easy (read: survival-mode) for the first month or so until the feel and power-to-weight ratio returns. I figure I can peel off about 2kg per week keeping my diet the same.

My diet is good. We eat balanced meals and we cook it all. I'll call it a whole foods diet. Nothing special. And by diet I mean this is the way we eat, not something constructed to lose weight.

In a perfect world, I'll do 11 of these workouts per week. "But there's only 7 days in a week," you say. Yes, that means I'll have to do 2 workouts per day during the week and 1 on the weekend. That's optimal. I'll set a minimum at 4x per week. That's likely what I'll end up doing.

Add it up and that is 40 - 110 km walking and 4 - 22 km swimming per week. So Join me on my journey. I'll log my results here:

Date Walk Swim Weight
Week 01 47k 4k 97.7 kg
Week 02 45k 4k 97 kg
Week 03 55k 4k 97 kg
Week 04 65k 5k 97.5 kg
Week 05 30k 3k travel
Week 06 - - travel
7-20 5k .5k  
7-21 5k .5k  
7-22     travel
7-23 10k 1k 95.6
Week 07      

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