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Sourdough Rolls

JUN 19, 2020 • 2 MIN READ

Sourdough Rolls

Prep Time: 8h 0m Cook Time: 15m Total Time: 8h 15m Makes: 10 100g rolls

Ingredient List

Quantity Ingredient Note
500ghladka mouka
100gsourdough starter1:1 flour to water


In a large mixing bowl, combine the flour and water into a shaggy mass. Cover and let rest on the counter for at least 30 minutes. Measure the remaining ingredients. After the dough has had time to rest and the butter has come up to room temperature, combine the remaining ingredients and knead until smooth and elastic. Every 30 minutes fold the dough to build the gluten and strengthen the dough. Cover and let rest 3-5 hours or until the dough has approximately doubled in size. Divide and shape the dough into 100g balls. Score and decorate as you wish. Place on a flour-dusted baking tray and let sit for approximately one hour or until doubled in size. Bake with steam at 185 c or until golden brown. Cool on a rack and serve.

I love these sourdough rolls. They are easy to make and go with just about any meal. They are delicious in the morning with butter and jam, and wok great as dinner rolls. They have a slightly crunchy crust and soft, airy crumb.

Here I've mixed the water and flour into a shaggy mass, have an active starter ready and have measured the butter and salt.

These rolls are easy to make, yet take time like all sourdough breads. Bring the water and flour together into a shaggy mass and let rest for at least 30 minutes. Bakers call this an 'autolyse'. This begins the hydration of the flour along with a number of other benefits.

Dough shown after all ingredients are mixed in and kneaded.

After the autolyse period, mix in all other ingredients and knead until the dough is smooth. Then every 30-60 minutes fold the dough.

The dough has completed the bulk fermentation process.

After the dough has been folded 3 or 4 times, and you feel the gluten has been developed, let the dough sit covered to ferment. This is called the bulk fermentation step and depending on the room temperature will take betweek 3-5 hours. My kitchen was cool today, so I ended up putting the bowl into the oven with the light on to speed things along. Ideally the temperature will be about 27 c (80 f) with high humidity. If you let your dough rise in the oven, just turn on the light and keep it humid. Don't turn on the oven as it will get too hot and kill the yeast.

The dough is resting on the counter. It's ready to be divided and shaped.

 After the dough has doubled in size, it is ready to be shaped. Remove the dough from the bowl, degas it, pre-shape it and let it rest on the counter for about 15 minutes. Then divide the dough and shape it. I used a scale and made 100g balls. Then using my bench knife I pressed a cross pattern into each dough ball. Then place the dough on a baking sheet and let rise for about an hour or until they are plump, or approximately doubled in size.

The dough has been shaped and after one hour has risen. It is time to bake them.

After the dough has risen, it is time to bake them. You need to add steam to your oven. I have a steam oven so I can use the steam + heat setting. If you have a conventional oven, just add some water to the bottom of your oven in a basting tray. Bake for about 15 minutes on 185 c.

The rolls are beautiful. They have a thin slightly crunchy crust and an airy crumb. You can see the sourdough blisters on the crust. I gave the rolls a slight dusting of flour before baking for decoration.

 The more time you have working with sourdough and bread dough, the better you understand how to work with it. If at first you fail, keep trying. You will be rewarded with wonderful bread like these rolls.


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