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Hamburger Patty Rub

JUN 04, 2020 • 2 MIN READ

Little Scottie's Super Secret Hamburger Rub

Prep Time: 1m Cook Time: 0m Total Time: 1m Makes: Make as needed.

Ingredient List

Quantity Ingredient Note
3 partspaprika
1 partsalt
1/2 partground black pepper
1/2 partgarlic powderOr baste in garlic butter.
1/2 partoreganoOr thyme or both.


In a small bowl mix all ingredients. Rub on the outside of hamburger patty just prior to grilling. Baste patties while cooking in garlic butter instead of garlic powder. Add other spices and adjust quantities to your taste.

I have my way of making hamburger patties. Here is how I do it y'all.

People think it's convenient to mix in the salt while they are making patties and then wonder why they are all dried out after cooking. The reason is that salt pulls the moisture out. If you let the patties sit for any length of time with salt inside them, then they dry out. This is a good strategy for cooking steaks, not such a good idea if you want juicy burgers.

And you can't get salt inside of steaks, you put it on steaks. This is another topic for another day.

But ground beef cooked without any spices taste like steamed ground beef. Quite bland. Let's just say nobody will be coming over this summer for a second BBQ at your house if you cook them this way.

You gotta spice it up a little bit. Bam, baby!

Nothing taste like a BBQ burger to me than a spice base with paprika. I don't exactly measure things out when making a spice to rub on my meat—whoa, whoa, whoa now—HAMBURGER meat. But for the sake of a recipe, I've noted the amounts in 'parts'. Just use your best judgement and experiment a little. What do you have to lose? You just might make a great burger for heavens sake.

I start with paprika, then add some salt and ground pepper. My preference is to baste the patties in garlic butter while they are cooking. If this isn't possible, like for instance, if the world has run out of butter and garlic, then I'll add in some garlic powder.

One of the magical culinary treats is burnt thyme and oregano. This adds so much flavor to meat. You should be very judicious in your use of these ingredients. You may end up with too many people inviting themselves to your next BBQ. So add a little thyme and oregano if you have it around. If not, head down to the store and get some. What kind of kitchen could you possibly be running without thyme or oregano?

Now, rub these spices on the patties generously JUST PRIOR TO cooking. Don't fall for the, "longer it sits, the better it gets" fallacy. No! No! No! This is not the case. Rub it on just before you cook it.

Okay, there you are. It's my super-secret hamburger patty rub. Please tell everybody and make the world a better place to eat. Do you have some super-secret spices of your own? Please do share in the comments below.

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